Private Investment


The way we approach private investment and finance is really thinking about the investment cycle:


Investment Management matching clients with opportunities and sources of capital. 

We work with both individual and corporate clients who have a pool of money to invest.  After helping them to ascertain the investment opportunities that match their investment criteria--whether in a new development or an existing property--we take it from that investment goal to the close of the deal.


We also work with clients looking for money for their projects.  We can not only match them with our investors and lenders, but also provide additional value by combining with the investment transaction some form of development activity or project management.


Development ManagementGrowing businesses to realize their full potential.

We work with clients to develop new assets or to re-develop existing assets, whether in the private sector, or in public/private finance partnerships.


Transaction Management managing transaction risk and providing due diligence.

Our company can help clients improve their deal by managing the risks inherent in the transaction.  With our deep sector knowledge, we are able to perform the due diligence required for our clients who either lend money or make capital investments.


Financial Analysisproviding transaction insight in understandable terms with actionable outcomes. The above three capabilities are underpinned by our very strong financial analysis skills. This allows us to communicate our recommendations to the client in financial terms that can be compared to their investment goals. It could be a detailed pro forma for a property deal, or a financial investment plan which demonstrates to the client the returns they should expect from their investment.